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Workspace files corrupt after ppscd


Steps to reproduce (consistent on our side):
  • Create a PerformancePoint Designer Workspace file
  • Run ppscd on this file
  • Open the file again with PerformancePoint Designer
Actual Results:
  • You get an error message staging that the workspace is invalid.
Expected Result:
  • We expect to be able to open the workspace, even after running ppscd
Additional information:
We ran a diff on the file before and after running ppscd. We noticed that the encoding has been set to UTF-16 in the <?xml > declaration at the top of the file, and that most PerformancePoint items had an additional attribute in the XML, a BpmProperty with name ImportGUID which did not have a valid DisplayName.
Closed Jun 26, 2012 at 10:25 PM by junger
Fixed in ppscd 0.3